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Q6. What Do Scientific Experts Estimate Is The Sports Performance Advantage Of Post Pubescent Males?

A6. Experts estimate the male advantage is normally between 8 and 20% depending on the sport and event, and up to 50% in sports and events featuring explosive power. For example: Team USA’s best female high jumper is Vashti Cunningham, NFL star Randall Cunningham’s daughter. She is regularly ranked among the top ten best female high jumpers in the world. Her best jump as a professional (6’ 7 ½”) is regularly surpassed by dozens of U.S. high school boys.

As the chart immediately below – comparing California high school performances – shows, this isn’t a phenomenon exclusive to professionals. Because the performance gap emerges at the onset of male puberty, as a group, high school girls have no chance against high school boys as a group.


[1] This chart is based on data from, California High Jump Results, accessed on September 25, 2019.