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Q19. What Is Meant By “Legacy Advantage” In The Discussion Of Males Who Identify As Transgender In Girls/Women’s Sport?

A19. Legacy advantages are the male sex-linked advantages that remain even after a male who identifies as transgender has gone on gender-affirming hormones and/or gender-affirming surgery. They are the benefits of having gone through all or part of puberty as a male. Males who identify as transgender maintain physiological, sex-linked (legacy) advantages even after multiple years on gender-affirming hormone treatment such as testosterone-suppression drugs. For example, hormone treatments do not affect height.1

1 Hilton EN, Lundberg TR. Transgender Women in The Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on testosterone suppression and performance advantage. Sports Medicine. 2021;51: (PMID 33289906 and doi: 10.1007/s40279-020-01389-3).